19th Annual Conference

Thursday 28 June - Sunday 1 July, 2012
St John's College, The University of Queensland

Ethics, Values and Civil Society

Ethical, Historical, Professional and Political Perspectives

Submission Deadline: 8th June.
Earlybird registration extended to 21st May.

The gates of St. John's College

About Civil Society

Michael Walzer writes of it:

“…a liberal account of civil society would include all social groups that are or can be understood as voluntary and noncoercive, thus excepting only the family, whose members are not volunteers, and the state, which, even if its legitimacy rests on the consent of its members, wields coercive power over them. They are motivated by interest or conviction or by cultural or religious identity; they pursue wealth (in partnerships and companies), or power (in parties and movements), or salvation (in churches and gathered congregations); or they aim to advance some particular good (in interest groups or trade unions), or to deliver some general benefit (in philanthropies and foundations), or to ward off some general evil (in organizations for the prevention of this and that). Civil society makes room for all these aims and includes all the resulting associations, by virtue of their free and consensual character. This means that it reaches to politics and economics as well as to the multitude of social activities distinct from these two.”

Civil society and its correlates present interesting opportunities for the student of applied ethics. Professions themselves are of course an aspect of civil society. As David Sciuli has written: “...'professions' are institutions and activities in society that serve an intermediary, governance role and thereby contribute to social order.”

St. John's College

Venue - St John's College, The University of Queensland

The Conference is planned as fully residential in order to provide maximum interaction between participants.

Located within the University of Queensland campus, St John's College provides both a beautiful and practical conference location. Close to transport and the CBD, and with the added convenience of on-site accommodation, we are certain the College will provide you with an enjoyable stay.

St John’s College is situated in a garden setting. College rooms are of a higher standard than those usually found in such residences. Most of the rooms used by conference guests will have shared ensuite bathroom facilities. There is a licensed bar.

Participants for an earlier AAPAE Conference held at St John’s College have been urging that a conference should be held there again.

Evening Dinner Cruise

Whilst other states will be in the midst of cold winters come conference time, Brisbane in June is blessed with mild temperatures and mostly clear skies. We will make the most of this weather with a boat cruise down the Brisbane River on board the famous Kookaburra Queen. The cruise offers passengers a unique and memorable view of Brisbane, whilst enjoying a delicious meal. The cost of the cruise is included in the full conference fee (drinks not included).