College Values

St John’s strives to be an environment where people can grow and mature to reach their full potential. Rather than being a community driven by rules and regulations, we encourage our residents to understand and embrace our values.

By living in accordance with these values, we respect both the freedoms and the responsibilities of living in an adult community.

Our four foundational values:
  1. Respect:  Mutual respect of one another as persons of worth is the foundation of our relationships in the College.
  2. Commitment:  The College expects its members to demonstrate collegiality, teamwork, tolerance, respect for others and a willingness to both lead and serve.
  3. Challenge:  Johnians are challenged to acquire the skills, knowledge, values and confidence to achieve their potential and contribute to the College, the university and the wider community.
  4. Tradition:  We build on the rich heritage of the College to confidently meet the challenges of the future.