Post Graduate Accommodation

Post Graduate Accommodation

The University of Queensland is an internationally renowned institution with an intensive focus on research.

St John’s College is home to a large number of postgraduate students from Queensland, other parts of Australia and overseas. Our postgraduate cohort studies a range of coursework and research degrees. We have ten rooms reserved for students starting the MD program at University of Queensland.

St John’s College postgraduate accommodation options include:
  • Up to 24 places for postgraduate students studying at the University of Queensland. The majority of these rooms are in flats shared by two students and they include two single study bedrooms, a shared kitchenette, a bathroom and living area. The minimum period of residence for students living at College as postgraduate students is 41 weeks (unless a student fills a mid-year vacancy for Semester 2).
  • Six one-bedroom flats reserved for married couples (self-catering)
    To apply, either you or your spouse (or both of you) must be studying full-time at the University of Queensland. The minimum period of residence for these flats is 52 weeks.

To apply, you must first have received a confirmed offer of a place to study at the University of Queensland. If you are interested in living at St John’s College, you must apply online as soon as possible. Click here to apply online. We do not offer accommodation for a single semester, unless you are arriving in Semester 2.

If you are offered a postgraduate place at St John’s College:
  • You must sign an agreement to become a member of the College and commit to a full year’s residence (unless you finish your degree at the end of semester 1, or join College mid-year)
  • You must make satisfactory progress in your approved course of study
  • You may only stay in College accommodation while you are a full-time student at the University of Queensland

All our postgraduate students are members of our Graduate Society. We encourage our postgraduate students to join in College activities, especially attending the Formal Dinner on Monday evenings.

Currently, St John’s College does not offer postgraduate scholarships.