When should I apply/How do I apply?

Please visit http://www.stjohns.uq.edu.au/admissions/ and follow the links to register and apply, please remember to select the year as this helps with processing applications.

What are the fees?

Please visit http://www.stjohns.uq.edu.au/admissions/schedule-fees/

How many students are at St John’s?

We have around 306 students, including undergraduate, postgraduate and international students.

How many boys to girls?

It’s a 50/50 ratio.

Are we able to pick our rooms/blocks?

Generally, we try to mix first and second-year residents, which is dependant on the returning students and their preferences.

What kind of rooms are available?

All the rooms are single, some with private ensuite (very few), and some with shared ensuite — mostly communal living with shared bathroom in the block.

What is provided in the rooms and how often do they get cleaned?

Rooms have a bed, desk, chair and ceiling fans. Linen is provided weekly and changed weekly. Common areas are cleaned daily – Monday – Friday. If you would like to bring your linen, it is your responsibility to wash it. 

What kind of meals does the kitchen provide?

The meals are varied daily and offer all options with hot/cold choices, dietary choices etc.

If I’m not available at a meal, can I still get a meal?

If you are away for lunch, you can make a takeaway lunch at breakfast. If you are away for dinner, you email the Vice warden for inclusion on the late meal list (Mon – Fri only) Tea/coffee and fruit are freely available while the dining hall is open.

How often is formal dinner?

Formal Dinner is held every Monday, except on public holidays and exam time.

How do we wash our linen and clothes?

Washing machines and dryers are available in the laundry room, which is managed by an external company. All you need is the phone app and to set up Paypal for payment.

Is there parking available?

We have limited parking, which is offered to staff, third-year residents, followed by second-year residents.

Does the college offer tutorials?

Yes, we offer tutorials to students – it is compulsory for first-years to attend, this is to help with the transition from school to university.

Does the college offer opportunities to play sport and what sports are available?

All the colleges participate in the ICC activities, these include sport, social and cultural activities throughout the year

Any there any music programs?

We have two bands, a Jazz band and Who is John’s – auditions are at the start of the year.

Does the College offer scholarships?

Each year at the start of the year the Foundation updates the scholarships and information on what is on offer. An email is then sent out to returning students first and then new students to apply.

Does the college have WiFi?

We provide WiFi in all blocks and common areas.

Can family or friends visit me at college?

Visitors are very welcome to visit at any time.