Orientation Week

Orientation Week
St John’s College O Week

St John’s holds our own Orientation Week at the start of each academic year.This week is designed to help new students create a network of friends in our College and the wider inter-collegiate community and to help prepare first years for university life. Students can participate in a range of fun social events and bonding activities, including themed parties and exchange dinners.

The Orientation Week Committee of the St John’s College Student Club organises our O Week. This committee works with the Warden and the Vice Warden to plan and organise the various events. All O Week activities are approved by the Warden and are clearly documented in a program. The Committee meets with the Warden and the Vice Warden daily during the week to monitor progress.

UQ O Week

St John’s O Week is held at the same time as the University of Queensland’s Orientation Week. The university’s program includes tours of the campus, faculty events and talks by university services such as University Security and the University Health Service.

O Week Guidelines

Residential Colleges aim to foster an environment where a large number of people from different backgrounds can live together in relative harmony, with a sense of cooperation and as part of the greater community of Colleges, the University of Queensland and the St Lucia areas.

All Orientation Week activities must reflect the basic values of a civil community life. Activities must encourage trust, mutual respect and cooperation. Any activity that involves harassment or intimidation of a person or persons, or the use of materials, including songs or chants, of a discriminatory or offensive nature is prohibited.