Safety & Security

Safety & Security

Respect. Now. Always.

St John’s College has zero tolerance for sexual harassment and sexual assault.

St John’s College takes our responsibility for residents’ safety extremely seriously. In addition to the Warden and Vice Warden residing on-site, we have adopted a number of security measures to help ensure our residents remain safe.

The Warden and Vice Warden are responsible for the after hours care of our residents. We also have the following security measures in place.

  • Safety cameras monitor all gates and common areas.
  • Resident Assistants  are appointed and trained as peer mentors to oversee the well-being of residents in accommodation blocks, alongside their role of building community.
  • Senior postgraduate residents are rostered to be on-call during the daytime on weekends for emergencies. The person in this role is the primary contact for any resident who requires assistance and has been trained to take appropriate action should an incident occur. Such incidents may include an accident, a fire, a fire alarm, a medical emergency, excessive noise, undue disturbance or disruption, the inappropriate actions of members, or occasions where the presence of non-members threatens College security, safety or quality of life.
  • Security guards are on site in the College and are available from 5:30pm – 4:30am, 7 days.