Student Club

Every undergraduate student at St John’s College is a member of the St John’s College Student Club. This Club is governed by an elected Student Club Executive – a group that shares in the leadership of the College. Elected sub-committees manage the cultural, philanthropic and sporting activities of the Student Club. These sub-committees include the Social Committee, the Sports Committee, the Cultural Committee and the Community Service Committee.

The St John’s College Student Club (SJCSC) is the hub of undergraduate student life at St John’s College. Donning our college colours -the chocolate and gold- as often as possible, “Jabbas” participate in a wide array of sporting and cultural events in the Inter College Competition. From table tennis to opens rugby, debating to College Idol, John’s Women’s Play to our critically acclaimed band “Who is John?”- we pride ourselves on excellence in all endeavours.

Aside from sporting and cultural activities, the student club organizes many social events including Jazz Night, Ball and the odd movie night in the Junior Common Room. Additionally, at General Meetings throughout the year a multitude of positions not quite within the scope of cultural or sporting pursuits are elected – a small sample of these include the Community Service Committee, Argo Editor (our yearbook), College Shop Team (providers of delectable treats) and College Photographers.

As a college that celebrated its centenary year in 2011, we take great pride in our history and traditions. As such, membership in the Student Club is contingent upon passing an exam in Orientation Week. The content is not at all challenging and nothing to be feared. If appropriate attention is given throughout the week we are confident all prospective members of the St John’s College Student Club will pass.

On behalf of everyone at St John’s College, those present and those still to come, we look forward to meeting you.