Support St John’s College

Support St John’s College

The St John’s College Foundation was established in 1991 as a charitable foundation with the object of supporting St John’s College.

The Foundation provides that support through assistance with building programs and bursaries and scholarships to students to defray the cost of attending the College. The scholarships and bursaries are awarded on an annual basis according to a range of criteria, including academic and cultural success and, in the case of bursaries, financial need.

The specific building programs supported by the Foundation include the rebuilding of the Edale/Donaldson Wing following the fire in 2005, and contribution to some of the outstanding buildings which make up the physical fabric of the College.

Whilst other Colleges in Australia and at UQ have higher fees, the Warden and Council have endeavoured to maintain charges at a reasonable level so as to keep St John’s available to the widest range of students. The Foundation does however need further donations to continue to support the College.

In 2015 the College celebrates 25 years of Co-residency and to mark this milestone the St John’s College Foundation is raising funds for a Rural and Regional Women’s Scholarship. Both the College and the Foundation are proud to support the Women’s Scholarship Initiative. The current recommended minimum endowment to set up a scholarship is $120,000. Please donate generously to this worthwhile cause as a way of making the St John’s experience available to deserving students.

If you are able to contribute, please consider a donation now. We accept credit card payments, either by a single payment or a periodic pledge.

Donate here or email the College at or telephone 07 3842 6600.

All donations to St John’s College Foundation are fully tax deductible.